Monday, May 16, 2011

The Living Word

I was reading Frank Viola's blog, Beyond Evangelical, and found myself agreeing with all he had to share. He is able to open ones thoughts to see a freshness in biblical truth. I am not so foolish to say that all who read his writing will see it as biblical or even as truth. Frank would most likely jump in and say, "Don't put me on a pedestal! I am just sharing some fallible thoughts." He has some good stuff to chew and to gnaw on. For some it is brand new and for others (I believe it is a greater number than some would admit to) it is confirmation of truths the Lord has been working into their lives. I fall into the latter group. In fact, my lovely wife and I were talking in the morning about some of the things we later read in his blog. Years ago I came to a principle that the Lord will work (form) concepts in me as a result of life experience and then reveal others with the same concepts. Frank is one of these 'others'. For me he is not the teacher or presenter of the thought or truth, rather he is confirming the thought or truth. Now when there are new thoughts, I have found that, though I may agree and even grab ahold, I will not truly grasp (understand) all that the thought implies. There is sooooo much that I had taken hold of and could even teach and preach with gusto, yet I find after many years that I am just now really getting a handle on. I discover that the truth is now 'in me' and not just a thought. It is as though God has put me through the grinder of that truth and it is now me. Don't get me wrong, I am far from perfect, it is just that there are truths that are so real in me that are not questionable. I may not have all the facts straight in my head. I just know they are real. Maybe 'life' would be a better word to describe what I am saying. And even in that I know there are those who will question me on using that term. Put it this way, God works His truth in me to become life. It is His living word abiding within. How many have had the experience of reading a familiar passage in scripture and all of a sudden it jumps out at you with new meaning and understanding? It is so real. From experience this is just the beginning. It is a seed of truth that will over time grow into life. I have caught a truth, shared it and look out! God takes it and works in me. I can remember times of having a word of life from the Lord and being able to share it. We were part of a fellowship that had several brothers who did the preaching and teaching. I would preach and get some good reviews. I would then go along my merry way thinking I had it, but oh wow, things would happen that tested the word of life. I would fall down and flounder, crying out to the Lord the big 'why' and eventually get through it. Years later I came to realize what the Lord was doing. I tend to be a bit slow that way. I now know that if the Lord gives me something fresh and living, there needs to be a 'working' of that word into my life. It has to go from being a thought of truth to being a reality of truth. 2 Corinthians 3:17,18 come to heart, especially the being transformed into the same image from glory to glory. I believe that when one has a heart to go on with the Lord, the Lord will honour that heart, but it will be on His terms. I don't cry out the 'why' as much as I use to. I know that the Lord will 'work' His life in me to bring me to a maturity in Christ.
This post took a different direct than what I intended. I'll put my thoughts about lines and boxes on another posting.