Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the life that is Christ

while listening to a brother speak a couple of Sundays ago, I was struck with the thought concerning the spirit within us. the brother spoke of our belonging to the Lord and that we are not our own. He can do as He pleases because we are His creation. the thought came to me that the spirit within me, a new spirit, was given by God. that carried onto the thought that the spirit God the Father gave me was not an individual spirit, but in actuality the spirit of Jesus Christ Himself. many will jump to stop me from going on, but wait and consider the possibility. Col 3:4 says 'When Christ, who is our life...' it is His life in me. 2 Cor 5:17 'therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature...' . I am a new creation in Christ. I have always looked at the new spirit within me as an individual spirit that communes with the spirit of Christ. now this new thought is giving me an appreciation for the spirit that is in each believer, because really it is the same spirit. we really are the body of Christ, likened to the blood that flows through a person and not in the fashion of a group of sticks bound together. how would each member view the church if they saw how close we are together in Christ beacuse we are of Christ? this is not theory. it is spiritual truth.